Monday 8 December 2014

36: Lucy

Portraits : The Motherhood series.

When Ollie (4) and Harry (2) were born, both boys immediately stopped crying when they were placed on Lucy's chest. Upon hearing her voice, they opened their eyes and stared intently back at their mother. This instant knowing caught Lucy by surprise, the bond of motherhood recognised immediately, forever seared into her memory.

As a girl, Lucy would often daydream about her future children. She grew up in a very loving and nurturing household. A strong maternal influence from her mother and grandmother and close bonds within her immediate and extended family. Her eyes light up when she talks about them. There was never any question in her mind about one day creating a family of her own but with her mother always having championed the importance of independence, education and travel before settling down, Lucy took her advice to heart. First completing a social work degree, followed by work as a nanny during a two year stint in London then retraining as a primary teacher upon returning to Australia.

Lucy met her husband Matt in England and together they settled in Sydney. They loved the inner city lifestyle, but when Harry arrived they made the decision to simplify and move their young family to the country. A move that brought them back to the community that Lucy grew up in and where many of her family still reside. Having family and support nearby as they resettle and renovate their dream family home has been a huge benefit. Her boys are enjoying close relationships with their grandparents and extended family, just as she did growing up. 

Hearing from readers never gets tired. It's still a thrill to know people read your blog and find your work meaningful. When Lucy first reached out to me she had such kind words of encouragement, I was truly touched. Then a little while later, a lovely twist of fate meant I found myself in her neighbourhood and graciously welcomed into her beautiful home. I absolutely loved getting to know Lucy and her family. She is down to earth, passionate, funny and generous. She's an affectionate and thoughtful mother to her boys, listening to their unique personalities and needs. Her biggest piece of advice being to enjoy your children. Motherhood is riddled with guilt, trying to meet expectations can be overwhelming. She has enjoyed reading to her boys every day since they were born, stopping to simply enjoy them and focusing on the positive has been incredibly liberating.

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Belinda x
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