Wednesday 30 October 2013

Sculpture by the sea

Every year about this time, the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition takes over the Bondi to Tamarama walk. To me, it kind of heralds the arrival of Summer and festival season in Sydney, my favourite time of year. 

It's always a treat to do this iconic coastal walk, but with the addition of beautiful and fun artworks to be discovered along the way, it really is a must see.

I met a friend shortly after sunrise on a morning heavy set with fog and haze. We went early to avoid the crowds and took our time strolling from Tamarama to Bondi beach, sharing stories and taking pictures. The crystal ball, "Horizon" perched atop the cliff at Tamarama is a popular piece. I wish it could stay forever, sat on that cliff like an oracle.  I would visit it often, stare into the inverted reflection of the waves below and be reminded over and over again of the beauty and power in perspective.  

Afterwards we stopped into Lox Stock & Barrell for breaky. They do bagels and coffee really well, definitely worth a visit.

Altogether, a fantastic way to start the day. Bondi's Scupture by the Sea is on till 10th November, any time of day. If you're in Sydney, don't miss it!

Belinda x

Monday 28 October 2013

Gallipoli, Turkey

For both Australia and New Zealand, on April 25th every year, ANZAC Day is a day of remembrance. Initially it served to commemorate Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in the Gallipoli campaign in the first World War, but it has evolved over time to become a memorial for all Australian and New Zealand lives lost in military operations.

I had the incredible opportunity to visit Turkey last month for work. Before my commitments began I had a single day free in my itinerary so, buoyed by a perfect solo day in London, I embraced the travelling alone thing and signed up for a day tour to Gallipoli. 

After five hours on a bus from Istanbul, a few quiet road stops and apple teas, we arrived at the Gallipoli peninsular. Brighton Beach, ANZAC Cove, the battlefields, the cemeteries. Rows and rows of headstones commemorating young soldiers that lost their lives here, the vast majority in their teens and early twenties. Some as young as sixteen lied about their age, just to get in on the idea of adventure. They couldn't have known what they were in for.

I sat for a time against the foot of a tree in the ANZAC trenches. It was quiet and peaceful, and unbelievably within sight of the Turkish trenches just ten or so metres away. I imagined soldiers trading for cigarettes, writing letters, waiting for their orders. Orders that promised to send these young boys home different men, if they made it home at all. 

The story of our ANZAC's has become a part of Australia's national identity. This war shaped the history and culture of Turkey too. Standing on that soil, feeling the weight of history, I was overwhelmed to reflect on the horrors of war faced here, such horrors that were met with solidarity, loyalty, mateship, ingenuity, guts and sheer determination. So many didn't come home.

What a humbling place and experience. 

Lest we forget.

Belinda x

Sunday 27 October 2013


"A portrait of my husband and our marriage, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Richard: Never one to stick with the same haircut for too long. He's now itching to shave his hair short for summer. But, I'm really loving this classic 50's hairstyle on him.

Us: Hand printing spiders for Halloween.

Participating in the 52 Portraits series led by Jodi at Che & Fidel. You can view all of my weekly portraits by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Belinda x

Thursday 24 October 2013


Less than ten weeks to go till the new year. 

Forty two weeks have gone by since I started the 52 portrait project. Documenting life this year with my great love. It has been such a rewarding thing to do and has served it's original intent beautifully. 

It's pushed me to practice and refine my photography. I've taken a camera with me everywhere, I know that the only way to improve is to practice and this project has given me the structure I needed to do that. Plus, I've found that I'm really drawn to portraits of people. Both viewing them and taking them. Images that have a persons unique fingerprint stamped all over them or perhaps leave you wondering about the subject, images that conjure up emotions without really needing any words. I love taking photos and I love taking pictures of people the most.

But more importantly, this years portrait project has reminded me stop regularly and appreciate Richard. Really see him. Man, it can be so easy to lose sight of each other. Even the weeks where we just got *the effing portrait done* and there were a few. Or the weeks that life chucked us a few curve balls, there were a few of those too. Taking his portrait made me stop and properly look at him, gain perspective - whether it was through the lens or during the editing process. Without fail I was grateful for him. With every single portrait, every single week.

All this reflection, of course has me thinking about next year.  I'd like to continue with the portrait project but handsome as he is, I think one year of Richard portraits is enough!

Without the obvious choice of documenting my own children each week, I've been milling over the approach I might take. A portrait of someone new each week, self portraits (yeah, nah. ruled that one out pretty quickly) perhaps playing with a particular theme - lighting, perspective, unportraits....?

Are you thinking about participating next year? Will you be continuing on from this year or just starting out? 

Do you have any suggestions on alternative ways to approach the 52 portrait project? I'd love to hear them!

You can view all of my portraits this year by clicking here or the pretty button in my sidebar.

Belinda x

* Portraits above of loved ones in England. Including one of me slouching about in the afternoon sunshine.

Saturday 19 October 2013


"A portrait of my husband and our marriage, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Richard: He arrived home from work and encouraged me to ride with him to the sea.

We: A stark contrast at sunset the following evening. An early and ominous start to bushfire season. 

Holding our breath as the weather conditions due on Sunday and Monday threaten to intensify an already terrifying situation in the Blue Mountains. Our thoughts are with those with their homes and families under threat, and the heroic firefighters who tirelessly work to protect. Stay safe.

Participating in the 52 Portraits series led by Jodi at Che & Fidel. You can view all of my weekly portraits by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Belinda x

Monday 14 October 2013

London Borough Market

Our recent holiday in the UK gave us a chance to meet up with some old favourite friends in London. We first met a while back in Sydney but it's been years since we were all in the same place. We've missed them alot. We shared a fantastic lunch together at Roast, overlooking London's Borough Market.

Rich and I arrived early to check out the London Bridge area and Borough Market food halls. We wandered through the historical markets taking in the smells, sights and samples of the famous fresh produce on offer. It certainly didn't disappoint. 

Travel and the freedom that comes with it. Permission to simplify, to take things slowly and really soak up your present. Sharing laughs and wines with great friends who remain that despite time and distance. 

I'm so grateful for days like these.

Belinda x
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