Sunday 18 November 2012


Things around here have been HECTIC. I feel like I'm playing catch up constantly and am longing for some down time, slow days, time to read books, make things and ignoring the 'To Do' list. I'm a major list keeper, I do love a list and always have a few on the go. I may have a slight obsession (compulsion) with being organised. But when the busy starts to get a bit out of my control, the lists start to become my undoing.

Late this afternoon, when putting on the fiftieth load of washing, I turned to notice the most beautiful afternoon light. I stopped, ignored the list of things I was running in my mind to do next, went and got the camera and spent the next twenty minutes shooting in the garden.

Jasmine's fragrance filled the air, the ornamental grapevine is flourishing along the trellis. The plants I've potted are not dead yet, in fact they're doing well!

It served me well. Those stolen minutes in the dusk light.

I'm also very proud to report that the veggie patch seems to be doing ok under my rather uneducated care. The chilli's will be ready soon, the basil is bushy, blackberries and blueberries are coming along and the lettuce - well, that's the most exciting development.... We've had our first harvest! Served up a very handsome salad with our first two heads of lettuce last weekend in Forster, boy it felt smug good to eat something we had grown ourselves!

This coming week is gearing up to be a crazy one, I'm going to do my best to remember to stop and breathe once in a while.

Hope your week brings quiet and illuminated diversions.

Belinda x


  1. Hi Belinda! Your photos are gorgeous! I've popped over from the nursery facebook group. Your garden is enviable and I too am a giant list maker. The camera has that way of making you look at things differently though...and slowing down. Hope your week is a lovely one.
    Steph :)

    1. Hi Steph! You are SO right about the camera, I hadn't really stopped to think about it that way before. Lightbulb moment, thank you! I've taken a wander through your space at This Brown Wren, it's captivating! So lovely to 'meet' you.
      Belinda :-)

  2. Well done Belinda! The light in these photos is just beautiful. You've captured the jasmine so sweetly. I too joined The Nursery. The camera is proving the most rewarding time waster/spender. Take care :)

    1. Thanks Frances! What I'm realising is I need to waste time with the camera more often, it's so good for the soul. The Nursery 'community' is proving to be an added bonus of the workshop isn't it, so good :-)


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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