Saturday 14 September 2013

To see a landscape as it is, when I am not there.

I'm home. Slowly navigating my way through the topsy turvy land of jet lag.

Since returning home, I've treasured every waking minute spent with Rich and The little one. The time apart from them was felt so fiercely. 

After Rich returned home to Sydney to start his new job, I had a day to explore London on my own before heading to Turkey.

Sharing travel experiences has to be up there as one of the true joys in life. But flying solo forces you out of your comfort zone and right out into the world. Instead of sharing real estate with your companion, your heart is wide open to discovery. You walk and you see with intent.

London really turned on all her fancy tricks. I strolled along the Thames, I lost myself for hours in the Tate Modern (pictured), I went hunting for vintage clothes, I ate lovely food in achingly hip cafes and I felt downright pleased with myself asking for a table for one. Who even am I?!

That day, life shined brightly. Possibilities seemed endless and I was utterly inspired. London, you're alright.

Belinda x


  1. I've gotta go! How brave and bold are you for journeying on your own!!! It sounded like a wonderful experience all the way around! Your photos are stunning....those pieces took my breath away! All the best! Nicole

  2. "your heart is wide open to discovery. You walk and you see with intent." Yes! So well put! Your blog just gets better and better Belinda! I make a point to travel alone once every few years, most recently around the Big Island of Hawaii. It's hard but so rewarding.


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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