Sunday 15 December 2013


"A portrait of my husband and our marriage, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Richard: Embracing the Christmas traditions of his in-laws, with gusto. This is The Chicken Dance, now with added maracas.

Us: Fresh juice and coffee's before heading to the beach. Exhale.

Participating in the 52 Portraits series led by Jodi at Che & Fidel. You can view all of my weekly portraits by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Belinda x


  1. The chicken dance had everything this time round; Euro disco, singing, dancing, percussion, laughter and tears. What a beautiful moment it was xxx

  2. Now this is too perfect!!! Look at the pure happiness and joy in that shot! You all are awesome!!! A merry week to you friend!

  3. The chicken dance is a brilliant Christmas tradition! A brilliant shot of a brilliant moment!


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