Tuesday 14 August 2012


This is my first ever remote post. Blogging from a sun lounge in Thailand, fingers crossed it works!

The theme of this holiday is renewal. My head, heart and body have taken a bit of a battering these past few months. I got to the point where I was on auto-pilot, my mantra was "just keep on trucking" but honestly, I didn't have much left to offer. So, I feel very grateful that we've been able to take a break from reality and take time to renew.

Escaping the blustery winter cold in Sydney is a bonus too!

Day one today started with a body scrub and massage, followed by a cocktail out of a coconut (alcohol ban temporarily suspended!) some lounging by the pool and of course, shooting loads of photos. 

Already I'm feeling lighter, inspired. The warmth of the sun, the time to breathe, read books, the promise of rest and time with the man I adore, are making my heart swell with happiness and gratitude. Life, for all it's challenges, is good. Really good.

So, please excuse my absence here. I'll be back in two weeks with sunshine in my heart and stories to tell.

I'll continue to Instagram while I'm away. I know, try as I might to unplug completely from the matrix, I just can't commit to a total digital blackout!! If you care to follow, you'll find me @elsieandjoan.

See you soon!

Belinda x

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