Tuesday 9 October 2012

Woman's World

I've said it before, if there's one thing I'm really rather good at, it's shopping. It may actually be a bit of a problem but that's beside the point (!) One of my all time favourite things to do is shop for vintage. It always has been. It was born out of necessity, hitting the charity stores and markets for great clothes on a checkout chick's budget as a teenager. These days, in addition to the Thifts (yes, I've wholeheartedly adopted this Americanism) I've also got a stack of vintage and antique stores on high rotation as well. I will drive out of my way to visit a store I've heard about or driven past, or I'll spend hours scouring Etsy or my favourite online vintage stores. I just cant resist the urge to hunt for treasure. This particular kind of shopping takes patience and perseverance. Two things that I wouldn't normally use first to describe myself but it's finds like these that keep me hunting.

Last week I popped into a store near to where I work that I had caught my eye driving past. To say I was thrilled with these purchases is an understatement! It was emotional, we'll always be together (together in electric dreams)

So I bought two of those chairs, one now lives on our patio in the filtered sunlight and the other sits beside a little girls bed for story time. That beautiful vintage Mexican bedspread is soon to be laid out on her bed for the warmer summer nights too. 

Then there's Woman's World, the self proclaimed "bible" for the woman "who cares" and is as vital to her as her femininity. This beautiful hardcover tome published in Melbourne, has guidance for the modern '60's woman on everything from buying a car, business etiquette, domestic bliss and grooming to sports explanations and how to address important people "May it please Your Majesty..."

It is one of my most favourite finds ever. It now takes pride of place on the bookshelf in the dining room, at arms length for reference and giggles during (or preparing for) dinner parties.

Hope you're having a lovely week!

Belinda x


  1. That book looks incredible! Just the sort of thing I love. My 5-year-old often bows before me and says, "Your Majesty!" I'm going to see if I can coax her to add "May it please..." to the start. Has a nice ring to it... xx

  2. "hitting the charity stores and markets for great clothes on a checkout chick's budget as a teenager" - same here! I worked at IGA, in Glenbrook for 3 years! Then I went full time checkout chick further up the blue mts when I finished school - look, I was ambitious, OK? Anyway, I didn't have any markets. Just musty old mts vinnies stores. Priceless for learning how to improvise, fashion-wise, and how to not give a shit about looking a bit different to everyone else. Good lessons!

  3. I'm about to go to Mexico and there are a few things there that make me just that little more excited! And that book - that book looks like pure gold! Kellie xx

    1. Lucky duck! Just think of all the treasures that await you, eeep! Have a wonderful trip, I hope you'll share some snippets on the blog ;-) xx


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