Wednesday 17 October 2012

Loud Shirt Day

These are my folks, they are all kinds of awesome. I've shared a little about my gorgeous mum previously here. My folks are deaf. I also have a deaf aunt and uncle. My brother, sister and I were born hearing, so were my cousins.  We grew up with our feet firmly planted in both the hearing and deaf worlds.

This is my gorgeous Godson, Haydn. He's two, loves gangsta hand signs (Eastsiiiiide), soccer and more recently fishing. Since Haydn was a baby, he's always had a cheeky look, like he's in on a joke the rest of us aren't clued in on. He'll bring me up to speed one day, me being his favourite Godmother and all. Haydn is hearing impaired and has been attending The Shepherd Centre since he was a baby.

The Shepherd Centre has been helping children who are deaf or hearing impaired to learn how to listen and speak for 40 years. 

The 19th October is Loud Shirt Day, raising funds to help deaf and hearing impaired children. It's not too late to register, or sponsor someone who has - like Mrs Woog.

Mrs Woog's son Jack, was born profoundly deaf. As a reader of Woogsworld, I can tell you that Jack is all kinds of awesome too. I find myself wishing I was a bit more like Jack sometimes! He is an amazing kid and has also benefited from the support of The Shepherd Centre.

If you're interested, you can register for Loud Shirt Day or donate here.

Also, if you live in Sydney and you're interested in learning more about the Deaf community and culture, why not pop down to the Deaf Festival 2012, on 20th October.

Belinda x

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