Tuesday 6 August 2013

Hello May feature

Back in 2009, Rich decided to put a ring on it. And like many in that situation, I buried myself in inspiration and spent a small fortune on wedding magazines. I have to admit though, I found so many of the magazines to be rather impersonal and cookie cutter. 

Hello May is a wedding magazine, blog and directory in Australia that brings a real and personalised element to the weddings and the vendors they feature. It's such a refreshing approach.

We were absolutely thrilled to discover that our wedding party photos were recently featured in the Hello May wedding blog. You can find the feature here.

This was thanks to our photographer, Claire Connell who also posted some photos on her website if you're interested in seeing even more photos of our day. I'm still floored at how she captured the magic. I wholeheartedly recommend Claire if ever you are looking for a photographer for events or family shoots. Lady has a gift.

Belinda x


  1. WOW! MY friend and I were just admiring that magazine a couple of weeks ago and lamenting how there were no magazines like that when we got married. You're vow renewal looks positively lovely...lots of joy and love xxx

  2. exciting! i love the one of richard sweeping you off your feet. x

  3. How beautiful are your wedding photos and how awesome that they are featured!!!! I'm loving your blog!! I'm a new follower here! Cheers! Nicole

    1. Nicole, thanks so much. So glad to "meet" you! Belinda x

  4. oh lordy lord those are divine!!!! you look amazing that lace dress and that shape on your amazing body is sublime! and that shot of baby on the dance floor with the band is iconic! love love love...thank you for sharing x


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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