Sunday 6 July 2014

27: Nicole

Portraits - the Motherhood series.

Six months ago, Nicole and her partner Alistair became parents to a beautiful baby girl, Mia. Nic and Al first met in high school. They became great friends, even dating for a time. Almost two decades later, their friendship and affection for each other remained strong. Last year, a reunion and a surprise pregnancy saw Al make the decision to move from his home in Western Australia to Sydney, committed to becoming a father and a partner to Nic. They’ve since created a wonderfully happy home and the new family is madly in love. Together their lives have gone through a significant amount of change in the last year yet there’s a deep sense of calm and serendipity. Beholden to Mia who, by choosing them as parents, has brought them so much joy.

Nic has always had a way of bringing people together. She’s entertaining, thoughtful and loyal. She’s a friend you can count on. Since becoming a mother, she’s having to reconcile the fact that she doesn’t have the time she once had to give. It’s quite an adjustment and Nic worries about letting people down. Then there’s mother guilt and pondering how she’ll manage everything when she returns to work in a few months. One of the things Nic is most grateful for is her relationship with her mother. They are best mates and live in separate residences of the same property. Nic describes her mum as the most selfless woman she knows and cherishes having her support on a daily basis. As a first time mum, Nic believes there's alot to be gained by seeking guidance from other women and sharing experiences. But always comes back to advice passed down from her Nan and her mum - to do whatever works for your family in your home. One thing she knows for sure, is that she loves every single day with her baby girl.

You can view all of my portraits from 2013/14 by clicking on the Portrait Series links in the right sidebar of this page. In case you're wondering about the inspiration for this year's Motherhood portrait series, you can read more about it here.

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  1. I can so relate to her story....the balance of it all is something that is always a struggle for me as like Nic I want to give me all to everyone and everything. I really enjoyed hearing her story and wish her the best in her journey! Beautiful photo by the way!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. What a beautiful live story xxx


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