Sunday 27 July 2014

30: Laura

Portraits - the Motherhood series.

The scene of this week’s post is set squarely under the dusty lights of nostalgia. Laura and I went to high school together. We go back decades. We’ve stayed in touch over the years thanks to social media, but the last time we saw each other was ten years ago at a reunion. This motherhood project provided a catalyst for us to catch up in person, bring each other up to speed on our respective lives and regale each other the legendary stories of our youth that have been told and retold so many times before. When we all made it to the revered legal drinking age, the local pub was where you could find just about anyone you knew. It was during this heady time that Laura and Mick found themselves working together at our local. After a few years of friendship, they became a couple. Seven years later they were married. They now have two children, Isabella and Joshua, and are intent on providing a solid and supportive childhood based on love and respect. When Mick took the plunge to start his own business four years ago, Laura threw herself into staying home with the kids. Helping out at Bella’s primary school and coaching the netball team keeps her busy. Josh starts school next year which means there may soon be room to do something for herself. A prospect she’s excited about.

Laura’s eyes light up when she speaks of her kids, describing Bella as a princess and Joshy as the entertainer of the family. She tells me she gets through everything by trusting her instincts and trying not to worry about the expectations of other people. Laura had quite a traumatic experience with her firstborn and in the subsequent months, experienced debilitating anxiety and depression. Overcoming this time with the unwavering support of her husband and her mother. Laura counts her mum as her greatest support and the saving grace who stepped in and helped them all make it through those dark times. Nothing, she says, can ever prepare you for motherhood. It changes you and nothing can compare to the unconditional love you feel.

You can view all of my portraits from 2013/14 by clicking on the Portrait Series links in the right sidebar of this page. In case you're wondering about the inspiration for this year's Motherhood portrait series, you can read more about it here.

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  1. What a cool idea for a series. She's beautiful. I love her way of approaching parenting.


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