Wednesday 25 April 2012


So, this blogging gig's a funny thing isn't it.  It's been four months now since I started. Still such a newbie, flying blind, and self doubt lingers. I'm having a bit of a moment, maybe it's a lull in inspiration, maybe its the change in weather, maybe its the fact that there's a big, scary thing on the horizon, I'm not sure but I feel a little lost in it all.

Sometimes blogging can really make my day, make my heart swell and mind spin with ideas. Other times it can feel quite lonely and intimidating. Especially after blog hopping, people seem to have time, amazingly interesting lives and limitless inspiration to share weekly, daily, hourly! I do not have any of these things.  But then I remind myself of why I started and really, it's something I did for me. So I'm vowing to take it easy, keep it simple, not get caught up in what others may think. 

I've really been enjoying the process of writing and sharing things that inspire or motivate me. And I love this keepsake of my happiness and treasures. It's definitely helped to instil some sense of balance between the corporate machine that constantly threatens to consume, and my creative leanings. But, it's also exacerbated that feeling of being limited by time. Maybe I've just added more to the list of things to do without really making room for it.... I'm also mindful that this doesn't steal from the already precious little time I have to simply be, with my beautiful, patient husband.

*sigh* please forgive my ramblings today. I'm processing my thoughts out loud.  It kinda works for me ;-)

On a completely different note, we've been busy getting our new home just so. This move has been somewhat cathartic.  Knowing we're setting our roots here, we've been clearing out things of the past, simplifying and making room to breathe. I've given away an entire rack of clothes & shoes to friends, we've found a local 'Buy, Swap, Sell, Giveaway' group and have been offering artwork and furniture away for free. It feels great to share with people and receive their smiles as thanks.

Belinda x


  1. I was the same when i started to blog. No one i could tell really read it, and i hardly ever got comments. BUT, im doing this for my kids and for something i can look back on later. Im really slack i know, but try to write something at least once a month! I still love reading other blogs and especially yours Billie as we don't live near each other anymore and it gives me a glimpse into your life. I would love to see some more photos of your new home, it sounds awesome. Keep up your wonderful and interesting updates please xx

  2. Thanks for the support hon. If it's just for us, it's definately still worth it! xx


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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