Monday 7 May 2012


What is it with the light in Autumn? 

These sharp and shiny days have really been helping to make my heart feel lighter lately. 

I feel like I've alot weighing on my mind, some of it work (bleurrgghh) but mostly important stuff.  Properly important. I'm still deciding to what extent I can be brave and share in this space.  

In the meantime, whenever I get a chance, I'll be stopping to soak up the shine.

.......or sitting under a super moon, at the edge of the ocean with my love.  

Have a great week!

Belinda x

That last photo was taken by Rich, not bad considering we don't have a zoom lens :-)


  1. Gorgeous photos, I love Autumn too. What beach is this Billie? x

  2. "sharp and shiny days"... what a perfect way to describe it!


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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