Monday 28 May 2012

Lesson learnt

It was a blustery Autumn Sunday, an unbridled sea beckoned.  
Rich and I went to explore some nearby rockpools on a particularly rugged part of the coast.

I stared down this narrow path for a good while, assessing or not whether to risk it.  All of the drama was going on beyond the break wall, while the water was choppy it seemed contained... (that sounds really stupid now)

So I boldly stepped out.

Each step opened up a new perspective of the coastline. I was around a hundred metres seaward when I finally stepped out of the shadows of the headland into the sun and stopped to soak up the view and the noise. Man, it was beautiful.

I looked down. All the pretty colours...

Meanwhile... A rogue wave hit the breakwall.

Looking down...
Still, looking down 
I learnt a valuable lesson that day.  
Being knee deep in a freak wave while perched on a small path halfway out to sea is NOT an ideal place to be. 

And you never turn your back on the sea.

But you probably didn't need me to tell you that.

Stay safe!

Belinda x

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