Tuesday 15 May 2012


Missed my beautiful Mumma yesterday. I think this was our first ever mothers day apart.  Don't feel too bad for us though, she's in the middle of the holiday of a lifetime with Dad, they'll be sailing into the heart of Santorini (Greece) right about now. Lucky ducks!

I'm really blessed to have this lady as my mother.  Inspiring women are commonplace in my life, but Mum, she's at the top of my list.

She's taught me everything I know, especially about who I am to others. She's been there for me through everything.  She is so thoughtful, kind hearted, generous and has such a strength and fire in her soul.

Amongst her many achievements, my mum was ranked the #1 Australian deaf female tennis player for a number of years, she represented Australia in a few international tournaments - including the Deaf Olympic Games.  Yeah, she's pretty awesome!

There have been many times over the years when people have asked me what it was like growing up with Deaf parents.  I'm beyond proud, I'm so lucky.  The deaf culture has enriched our lives and is a fundamental part of who we are.  But ultimately I'm lucky because my folks are amazing people, being hearing or deaf doesn't come into it.

What a handsome couple!
My mum and I, we cry easily and worry too much, we're gullible, we're creative and you wont need to ask us twice to go all out for a fancy dress party, we're huge dags and we live for each other and those we love.

Thanks Mum, for everything. You rock the suburbs and I love you the world.

Belinda x

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  1. How gorgeous are your parents! I've just clicked over here from somewhere and read this post ... how incredible to have two deaf parents. I can't even begin to fathom what that must have meant for them, having a baby - all the extra challenges! Kellie xx


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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