Saturday 15 September 2012

Phuket Town Night Market

Phuket town night market is open on Friday and Saturday nights and we were told it was a 'must see' activity during our stay in Thailand.

Thankfully Rich was armed with both the camera and the inspiration to use it after our recent training, so I managed to convince him to travel almost an hour in a shuttle bus so I could hunt for market bargains. Normally, this would be akin to asking him to punch himself in the face.

Turns out it was a fun night for both of us. The markets were so vibrant and provided Rich with inspiration at every turn. I noticed him practicing what Tim taught us, to observe and be in the moment, he was drinking up his surroundings searching for the images. It was great to watch.  

Well, I was watching. That is, when I wasnt rummaging through fabric and bags and clothes, bargaining for 'best price' .  I do love me a good market!

Belinda x

* All photos by Richard.  I was far too busy shopping!

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