Friday 14 September 2012

Tongka Tin Syndicate

Until our holiday, we wern't aware that Phuket has a rich industrial mining history. Tin was discovered a few centuries ago and became central part of the island's trade and currency. Although there are less than a handful of mines remaining today, the resort we stayed in paid beautiful tribute to these bygone glory days. We loved the bespoke, raw and mechanical styling amongst the palm trees and tropical settings. It was unique and a delight to discover these unexpected details at every turn.

One of our favourite places to hang out in the late afternoons was the Tongka Tin Syndicate. A quiet spot to enjoy a drink or play a game of bocce or darts, while surrounded with the most charming styling and quirky touches everywhere you looked. Although I was secretly wishing most of these pieces could come home with me, I did take loads of home styling inspiration.

Right now, I'm spiriting away back to that moment, reading in the quiet afternoon breeze.

Happy weekending!

Belinda x

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