Friday 28 September 2012


Last month, I was lucky enough to host some customers on a whirlwind tour of Hanoi and Ha Long Bay in the north of Vietnam.

Normally my work trips abroad involve a long flight, a hotel room and corporate offices, they very rarely include taking in the sights. I'm so grateful to have had the chance to stop and really experience Vietnam, it's an incredible place to visit. I found her beauty breathtaking, her people warm and generous and life being lived right there in the moment. I especially loved how everyone socialised at street vendors or gathered in parks. They're not home watching tv in their own individual homes, they're outside, connecting with each other in person, every day. I got the feeling that they don't take too much for granted. I took that sentiment away with me.

It's the Labour day long weekend here and we're planning an overnight stay in the city. Maybe take in an exhibition at MCA, do some shopping, take strolls by the harbour and, perhaps what I'm looking forward to most of all, a sleep in and room service! yessssss

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Belinda x

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