Thursday 4 April 2013

House of Maryanne Vintage

Maryanne Moodie is someone I really admire. In addition to being a wife and mum, and just a straight up sweet and lovely person, Maryanne has a great eye for all things beautiful and well made. And luckily for us, puts her talents to great use.

Maryanne is the owner and curator of House of Maryanne Vintage, one of my favourite online boutiques. And she has some mad crafting skills, including her latest venture into weaving. This captured the attention of Lucy Feagins recently who featured Maryanne's work on The Design Files! You can read the interview here.

Lately, I've been particularly interested in hand woven fabrics and tapestries, I'm aiming to try and teach myself to weave one of these days.

So when I saw that Maryanne was creating these amazing pieces, I had to commission a HoM woven tapestry to call my own. I gave Maryanne a rough size and 'neutral palate' guideline. And after a few days at the loom, this is the final result. It is truly beautiful. I absolutely love the detail and texture from the reclaimed silk sari yarn and gold metallic thread Maryanne's used. A local and lovingly made, gorgeous piece of art now perfectly at home, in my home. Happiness!

Recently Maryanne moved her HoM Vintage store from Facebook to Etsy. You can find her here. Otherwise on her website, you'll find all the relevant social media links and contact details, you can check out her beautifully styled lookbooks and sign up to a newsletter to stay up to date on what this lovely and talented lady does next.

Belinda x


  1. OMG dying of jealousy over here!!! : )
    i saw this on maryanne's instagram feed and thought how lucky this lucky person was who had commissioned it. this is SO ridiculously beautiful. i am super happy knowing it is yours. i hope you've been well since bhb belinda

    1. Hi lovely! I know, right?! I am SO lucky, at least you can rest assured she'll be much loved in this home ;-) Hope you've been able to keep all that inspiration going since BHB, I really need to take time to turn all these thoughts into a plan of action! So nice to hear from you, Evie. Bx


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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