Monday 1 April 2013


A week after the BHB Conference and today, just about everywhere I looked the universe was speaking to me.

Pip Lincolne was one of the amazing speakers last week. I took so much away from her talk but the thing that has really resonated today, was her suggestion that we need to look for the clues. To notice the happy moments around us. As creative people, we need to train our eyes to really look and see the things in our daily life. All the things that are already there to inspire us.

I'm so grateful that for me, this Easter weekend has been all about rest, spending time with my kinfolk and lots of quiet moments by the sea. This I've learned, is my knockout combination. Now to stay connected and mindful as the daily grind fights for that headspace! 

I hope you're feeling renewed and inspired too. 

Need a little spark? Check this out.

Belinda x

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