Sunday 3 August 2014

31: Patricia

Portraits - the Motherhood series.

When Pat was twelve years old in the Philippines, her mother saw that their country was on the brink of a civil war. She applied to Australia for residency and managed to relocate her young family just as the conflict started to heat up. A huge decision that meant leaving behind friends, family and life as they knew it. Pat says they experienced a culture shock for a good few years but her mother’s resolve to always 'prepare for the worst' was only ever to ensure the best future for her family. Her mother’s guidance continues to be something that Pat draws upon. On the day of her dad’s funeral, her mother stopped her and confided "all I want for you to do is to find someone who loves you as much as your dad loved me”.  A sentiment that resonates with her to this day. 

Pat and Chris first met in high school. He was keen from the beginning but she missed all the signals, originally trying to set him up with friends until he finally confessed his true feelings. They’ve since been together for sixteen years and married for eight. After five years of trying to conceive they finally got their biggest wish, a beautiful girl named Natasha who is the absolute light of their lives. Pat describes Chris as the most fantastic husband and doting father. Motherhood has been a lesson in relinquishing control, going with the flow and trusting intuition. Pat’s also found that becoming a mother puts a different perspective on what’s important. She’s grateful that her relationship with her sister is closer than it ever has been since they both became mothers themselves.

Pat is funny, generous and easily one of the most stylish people I’ve ever met, so it comes as no surprise that she loves to shop. She’s also an avid reader, downloading and reading a couple of books a week (!) While thoroughly enjoying her time as a stay at home mum, Pat’s been cultivating a small business idea that lends itself beautifully to her creative and driven personality. Her mother’s influence can be seen in her strength and courage of conviction. Pat’s loving the journey of motherhood and is passionate about being a good mum, by her own definitions. 

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Belinda x


  1. I loved the strength that Pat's mother had in moving her family to do what was best for them during those early years. Pat sounds like a lovely woman and mama! Thank you for sharing her story with us! Lovely week to you friend! Nicole xoxo

  2. I love those stories of starting over...there is a real strength of character


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