Tuesday 19 August 2014

33: Licia

Portraits - the Motherhood series.

Hearing a little voice say "Mummy, I love you more than 1000 rainbows” while being tucked in for the night. Witnessing the pure and unbridled approach that kids take to learning, the joy in simply hearing the answer to their many questions. It’s the unexpected, quietly luminescent moments like these that sum up the best of motherhood for Licia. 

Wife to her great love Sean and mother to Jude (5) and Leo (2), Licia is thoughtful and generous. Her drive and strength shine through when talking about things she's passionate about - family, education and social justice. Licia has found that working part time has helped to provide a balance for her kids between feeling stable at home, and finding a path for themselves outside of the home. It isn’t easy and making it work relies heavily on a supportive partner and work environment but it was important to her that her boys see their Mum enjoying a professional career too. 

Licia draws on the examples set by her mother daily, repeating things learned by osmosis from her own childhood. Licia describes her mother as consistent, understanding and loving, but she was also the boss! There wasn’t any expectation about being best friends but she was there for her unconditionally. Her mother provided the safety net or the shoulder to cry on whenever it was needed but she also gave her room to learn and do things for herself. Licia tries to do the same thing now for her boys. Licia says that one of the biggest lessons was following her instincts as a Mother. Noting that this doesn't often come naturally but with time.

"As a new mother, I would follow everyone else's advice except the little voice in my head. But, with time, I realised the little voice was drawing on a lot of experience, ie. how I'd been raised and my Mother's approach. If I turned out ok, the little voice deserved a chance and it's been easier to back myself ever since."

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Belinda x


  1. I loved this! It is always refreshing to hear other moms talk about making sure that there little ones have balance and that the parents are in charge. And to listen to your own instincts! She sounds like such a lovely person!!! Happy week to you lady! Nicole xoxo

    1. She really is! I really relate to her perspective too. Happy week to you too, Nicole :-) Hope you're well. XX

  2. Beautiful Billie. I love the way you are able to find the real woman...both physical and emotional...you are really amazing. Kel

    1. Aww, thanks Kel! It's really thanks to the mums you know, every one has been so open and willing to share. X


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