Monday 25 August 2014

34: Louise

Portraits - the Motherhood series.

Louise and Tim are parents to Jack (almost 16), Eilish (13) and Tom (11). It wasn’t so long ago that the house was a blur of toys and sight words with Lou describing those early years as a bit like treading water. Motherhood was busy work in meeting the needs of three young children. As the kids have grown, they continue to develop their individual personalities and test boundaries but these days they're much more able to interact and help out. Life is busy with friends, family and community activities, school eisteddfods and choosing HSC subjects. Lou continues to encourage and guide them in what they want out of life, often enjoying her role as taxi driver as it gives them a chance to connect without distractions.

Louise and I were in her kitchen chatting over a beautiful pot of green tea when her kids arrived home from school. Between ravenous bites of sticky finger bun and school news were pirouettes across the kitchen floor and hugs for their mum. I think I must have been particularly shy/moody teenager, I remember stopping only for pleasantries before making a beeline for my room if ever my parents friends were over. Instead, they each offered smiles and chatter, confident, articulate and lovely to be around.

All three children are creative in their own ways and the house is always filled with music. In rare moments of down time, Louise also loves to create. Starting out with scrap booking, she has since moved into mixed media and photography. She literally has canvases piling up her in craft/dining room, creating more pieces than she knows what to do with! Lou has also recently returned to university to further her nursing credentials. She dreams of one day working in developing countries supporting mothers and children in health care and education. Lou feels a new chapter in motherhood approaching. Despite sometimes wanting to press pause, with life so full, she knows to cherish each stage as it comes and goes.

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