Sunday 17 June 2012

If you see your neighbour jamming harder than you, covet his or her jam

We were lucky enough to get tickets - and amazing seats - to two great shows at The Sydney Opera House during the Vivid festival.

First, Janelle Monae & The ArchAndroid Orchestra.  Tiny lady, massive voice, killer moves!  

It was a brilliant show, she's clever, quirky and crazy talented. I'm completely won over with a big band sound especially if that band is dancing the whole time.  And, although I appreciate that she's created an avant garde, Alice in Oz fantasy world and the show was intended to feel immersive much like Michael Jackson and Prince have done before her, it did feel a little too scripted at times.  It was clear that everyone on stage and off were having a great time.  I don't know, I guess I get more from a show when it's more fluid and the artist is responding to the audience and translating that into their performance, real time.  It makes for a more unique and personal experience to me. That being said, it was completely fun.  Her ridiculous voice.  Love her.

Then there was The Temper Trap.  Holy Heck.  

These boys had just returned home and were pretty pumped about it, you could totally tell. It was a dream combination, that sound and those vocals in the Sydney Opera House.  Didnt hurt that we were just 3 rows back from the stage too!

That last image of The Temper Trap's bass player, Jonathon Aherne, makes me smile.  Dude can play.  But not only that, he's so amazing to watch.  Wears his bass high, which I love, and he just gets inside the music.  He dances with that axe as if it's an extension of himself, like a samurai. He's having such a great time, you cant help but feel it too.  Brilliant!   (See what I mean, here.)

All images taken with the iphone. I wanted to give you a taste but the quality doesn't do the shows justice, unfortunately. I always worry about taking a camera for fear of some door rule that forces me to leave it in the cloak room.  Then, inevitably during the shows, I always regret not bringing it. 

Right! M'off to enjoy more of this Sunday sunshine, who knows how long it will last!

Happy weekending.

Belinda x

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