Monday 30 July 2012


In numerology*, apparently Two is the most feminine of all the numbers. While humble, gentle, graceful and understanding, her power and strength isn't to be underestimated.  Two is the ultimate survivor. 

In times of hardship, she bends to carry the weight. Head down, as far as she needs to bend. This flexibility in her nature also means that once the burden is lifted, she'll always find her form once again. Irrepressible. Tough. 

These two. My strength.

Holidays soon. Reprieve is coming. Time to breathe, smooth out the creases in my heart and quiet my mind.

Belinda x

PS.  If you have a chance - why not pop over to Edenland. Eden is one seriously tough chick but even the strongest of us can buckle under the weight of the world sometimes. Would be pretty great if you could leave a comment and show her some love.

Please dont mistake me for some kind of numerology expert, I literally just learnt about this thanks to the interwebs. I find it fascinating and the symbolism of two seemed kind of perfect.

** Notice I (almost) refrained from using 'number two' references, although that would also rather aptly describe life lately.

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