Tuesday 3 July 2012

Vessels & Blooms, Jack Long

Fresh flowers around the house feel like such a luxury and a necessity at the same time. Especially since the cooler weather is keeping us indoors more often. Last weekend, the little one and I picked out some gorgeous purple blooms from the farmers markets to scatter around the house, and she brought home a new succulent for her bedroom window sill that she named, Violet.

I'm amazed by these photographs, a collection called Vessels & Blooms by Jack Long.  After months of experimentation, he's manipulated liquid in motion to capture these 'fluid flower' images in one high speed shot.  ONE single exposure to turn water into blooms. To create and capture these beautiful, brief moments in time. Unbelievable.

Photography, I'm learning is all about practice, patience and a little bit of luck. Jack Long clearly has all of this in spades. From someone who is just starting out (and is rather lacking in all, especially the patience department), a tip of the hat !

Belinda x

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