Thursday 16 May 2013

Desert island playlist

Triple J is celebrating the twenty year anniversary of it's annual Hottest 100 music poll with a one off 'Hottest 100 of the last 20 years' countdown. It got me thinking, if you were exiled to a desert island and given a choice of a ten song playlist to take with you, which songs would you choose?

I'll admit, this question is enough to send me into a mild panic. How could you choose only ten? And would it be wise to not choose your very favourites. You'd have to listen to those ten songs, only those ten, forever more. Would they end up sending you mad? Would listening to them over and over eventually destroy that which you loved? 

I asked Rich. He stared at for me for a moment while I watched his brain explode behind his eyes at all the possibilities. Then, an incredulous reply that he'd need to spend at least a week with his entire music collection to even come close to choosing ten. Even then, he thinks it impossible.

For the sake of a bit of fun, trying really hard not to over think it (SO. MANY. SONGS) here's my desert island playlist:

I reckon this list could serve me pretty well as I went crazy in the coconuts.

What songs would make your desert island playlist?

Belinda x

* Photos from a sailing trip on our recent holiday. We were willingly stranded on a tiny island in the Great Barrier Reef, free to snorkel and explore. The BEST day.

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