Friday 10 May 2013

Don't dream it's over


I'd like to introduce my lovely friend Wendy McDougall. Wendy is a professional freelance photographer and has been using her powers to capture the most incredible images for over thirty years.

Wendy started out as a music photographer in 1979, and spent the next fifteen years or so recording some of the country's most iconic bands during what became "the defining era of Australian Rock & Roll". Hello, ultimate dream job! 

She has since branched out into photography for film, television, theatre punctuated by portraits, documentary, photography for books and producing her own art projects.

Wendy & Doc Neeson, in the 80's.

Wendy has recently launched a Pozible campaign to bring many of the photographs she took in the 80's on film, into the digital realm.  I recently had a few hundred family photo's scanned for my Nana's eightieth, it cost me over $400. This process is expensive! Wendy needs about $7,000 to get over twenty years of rock & roll history scanned and archived for posterity. She has to reach the minimum target of $4,500 in order to receive any of the pledges at all.  The great news is she's on her way, but she needs help!

To me, a photograph is absolutely priceless. It tells us so much without having to say a single word. They are important and worth saving, so that the story is passed on.

There are a range of pledges to suit your budget and Wendy's offering some fantastic incentive rewards, so please do pop on over take a look and support this very worthwhile endeavour to preserve our history.

Wendy's "It's only Rock & Roll but I like it" Pozible campaign has a deadline of the 19th June. You can find it, here.

Belinda x

* Blog title refers to The Australian National anthem, of course.


  1. what a worthy project!...and im not just saying that cause I was an obsessed teenage inxs fan! handsome does doc look in that shot! x

    1. Oh INXS, me too! All these music memories that defined our youth in Australia need to be preserved! B x

    2. I love the two opposites in that photo. Tim in full flight and Michael who has complete command of the stage with his quiet stillness (INXS fan here too.) Looks like the Aus Made of 1987 - is it?

    3. It was the Concert For Life in Centennial Park. Wendy was the official photographer commissioned by INXS to cover the event for them. No other photographer could go where she could. I asked her about this and she told me how she made a book with the photos for them, all handmade as they were prints in those days. Once she presented what she made, she was commissioned to make 6 more books, one for each band member.. Can you imagine?! Amazing :-)

    4. Ahh of course!! I assumed it was earlier because Michael was in all white as in the Aus Made concert. It is a fantastic photo - envious to say the least :)

    5. Oh she also took photos of the rehearsals in the ABC studio a couple days before he passed!! I thought the name was ringing bells. Oh wow :(


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