Sunday 27 October 2013


"A portrait of my husband and our marriage, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Richard: Never one to stick with the same haircut for too long. He's now itching to shave his hair short for summer. But, I'm really loving this classic 50's hairstyle on him.

Us: Hand printing spiders for Halloween.

Participating in the 52 Portraits series led by Jodi at Che & Fidel. You can view all of my weekly portraits by clicking on the button in the sidebar.

Belinda x


  1. Love that shot of your man in the mirror...and cute spider prints too. xxx

  2. SO much fun! I have to do some hand printing around here! And that shot of your husband is so cool! Like the 50's haircut too! You have an outstanding week!!!


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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