Thursday 3 October 2013


We made a choice, this visit, to stop and rest a while. 

In the past, when we've made the long trip to England from Australia, we've made room in our itinerary to see family and friends in between other travel destinations. Since we were travelling all that way, it made sense to cram as much in. We got to see and do so many amazing things as a result. But it also meant we rushed from pillar to post before moving onto our next leg of the trip.

This time it was all about renewal and spending quality time. It was so nice to stop, hang out, do every day things, notice the details.

While in Manchester, we stayed at Didsbury House (pictured above). A quietly beautiful converted Victorian townhouse. From the wallpaper to the light fixtures, beautiful gardens, quirky styling and creaky floorboards, I LOVED every bit about staying there.

We were also blessed with lovely weather, too. This meant seeing more of the beautiful english countryside in all her blooming glory. Rich showed me the mountain bike trails and reservoirs he spent his childhood roaming about with his mates. His old childhood homes down cobblestone streets. Endless pots of tea. Pints, Pimms and pork pies. The council flower pots. A trip out to Cosco! I soaked up all the English details like a sponge. 

My husband, his history, my extended family and friends. It was a special time, and time I desperately needed. I'm so grateful that we had the opportunity to do it.

During our stay in Manchester, I also achieved an Op Shopping personal best.

Didsbury is a lovely little village with lots of nice cafes and a charity shop on just about every corner. I KNOW! Rich wasn't quite as thrilled as I was of this discovery.

So, we spent a lazy morning strolling that high street after breakfast. I ducked into each one while Rich flicked through old Beano comics out the front. I had it in mind that I would love to find myself a royal commemorative mug.

And wouldn't you know it, I found one!

One of my all time favourite finds. Every cup of tea now comes with a mental fist pump. YES!

Belinda x


  1. Oh sweet friend this is the most beautiful blog post I have read in a long time! You have captured such raw beauty in those shots! I want to go there and will be pinning these! WOW! How happy I am for you that you were able to take time to just be and to enjoy the details!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. Some lovely pictures here. Like that placement of the lamp at the landing (second picture)

  3. All your images are so beautiful Billy. xx

    1. Katie, you're posting comments as Bog Master in the public domain! This pleases me greatly, you crazy cat. Bxx


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