Thursday 10 October 2013

Chatsworth House

We piled into a three car convoy and made our way through the city traffic. Onto winding roads and country hills, where drystone walls divided up brilliant green paddocks speckled with grazing sheep polka dots.

A picnic lunch by the old stables on arrival followed by a lazy afternoon exploring Chatsworth House and grounds. Keen fans of Pride and Prejudice may recognise it as the on screen home of Mr Darcy.

I was amazed to find so many rooms thoughtfully laid out and open to the public. Even more so to learn that the Cavendish family still live there. Apparently the House is built so soundly that the tourist destination and the family home can co-exist. And it does feel homely, despite the grandeur.

The grounds were my favourite. Peppered with sculptures and statues, yet a vast and beautiful work of art in itself. Provoking imagination and inspiration at every turn.

Belinda x


  1. What a grand place!!! The works of art, and wall papered walls evoke such an incredible feeling of warmth. And the grounds are a work of art too!!! I would want to live there as well!! Such outstanding pictures friend...I have added it to my bucket list of places to visit!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Oh I've been here! Sorry, so many comments, but you have a lovely blog :) I definitely thought the grounds at Chatsworth were the best!


Thanks for your comment, so nice to hear from you. Belinda x

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