Monday 28 January 2013



Well, the rain is lashing down in Sydney. Major storm warnings as a result of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald moving down the coast after battering Queensland. Isn't it odd when such a destructive force is given a charming name. 

Yesterday, I met my Dad in town for lunch. Just the two of us, I cant even remember the last time we did that. It was so great to stop and chat one on one. And more importantly face to face, this makes a huge difference with deaf parents. We've vowed to do it more often. Make time.

I arrived early (friends of mine reading this will be shocked, it doesn't happen all too often) so I decided to take a little wander into the Royal Botanical Gardens to kill some time. Something else I've not done in years. It was a grey, wet day in Sydney so the walk was almost deserted save for a handful of poncho'd tourists and joggers.

I was struck again by the beauty of this harbour city, even under heavy grey skies. The best thing was the quiet. Just the sounds of rain drops on tree leaves, some birds and my footsteps. All this and the city skyline was ever present, towering just beyond the Moreton Bay Figs.

As I walked back from the Garden and around by the Sydney Opera House and on to meet my Dad for lunch, the bustle of the city soon consumed the hush. But the hour in the garden stilled my heart and head for the rest of the day.

Belinda x


  1. wow u really were the only one in town!...lovely shots. thanks for popping by and leaving a sweet comment!...means I get to see your beautiful space your 80`s studded skirt! (think I had one similar back in the day...ahem...I dont really like the sound of that!). look forward to reading more.
    Allison x

  2. Wow gorgeous pictures there and yes looks like no soul was about. Lovely blog xx

  3. Maybe it is because of the repetitive and gentle sound, and that we can enjoy it without actually being outside and getting wet!sound of nature


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